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At the Rusty Pig Company, we’re passionate about our Tamworth pigs. We’re a traditional farm: our pigs live outdoors all year round, roaming freely, wallowing and rooting in the undergrowth whenever they want. Our girls grow slowly and mature naturally so our meat is succulent and full of flavour – just as nature intended.

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100% free to roam and snuffle as nature intended

We believe in raising pigs to the highest ethical and animal welfare standards.

Tamworth pigs

Tamworths are the oldest pure breed of native pig in the British Isles

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Take a look at our pigs at play and the wonderful meat they produce

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The farm has been awash with excitement recently as we have been welcoming several adorable rusty piglets to the family. New life is always eagerly anticipated as we watch our sows swell during their gestation period, a mere 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days before they farrow. When ...
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