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James and his small team farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Dorset just outside the ancient market town of Sherborne. We’re passionate about Tamworths, their welfare, happiness and indeed their very existence – Tamworths are the oldest pure breed of native pig in the British Isles, most closely linked to the wild woodland pigs of a bygone age, and with a distinctive appearance due to their beautiful red-haired coats- hence our name The Rusty Pig Company.

Tamworths are most at home living outside all year round being raised on large areas of pasture, where they can root around for all manner of tasty morsels.

As native breeds, Tamworths take much longer to mature than modern breeds used in commercial intensive farming but this slow growth has its advantages when it comes to its distinctive taste.

from farm to fork, fresh not frozen

Tamworth’s are an intelligent and sensitive breed and a delight to be around and as such we know each pig on the farm individually and can trace their lineage from the day they are born. We ensure their final journey is as stress free as possible with our local abattoir just a few miles from their home.

Our Tamworth pork, home delivery chilled boxes offer the best of artisan butchery delivered directly to your door. Each meat box is available in a range of sizes, prepared and packed individually and featuring a selection of traditional cuts and meat cures that give you and your family a unique taste experience.

The Rusty Pig Company is not a large intensive farm and meat is butchered as and when our pigs mature, so delivery dates may vary slightly depending on availability. We dispatch orders on Thursday /Friday but If you have a specific delivery deadline then please email us [email protected]

taste the difference

Tamworth’s don’t thrive in factory farming systems, so if you’re a regular supermarket shopper or buy from your local independent butcher you are unlikely to have ever tasted pork as good as ours. With a marbling of fat running through its meat and a generous outer layer of tasty fat, the Tamworth is revered by the nation’s top chefs who recognised its unique taste and quality – a taste of the past!

Even if you are unable to buy from us, we urge you to start questioning where your food comes from and the processes involved in getting it to your plate.

our beliefs

At The Rusty Pig Company, our approach to producing the finest quality meat is shaped by our beliefs:

We believe in raising pigs to the highest ethical and animal welfare standards.
We believe that the happiest pigs produce the tastiest meat.
We believe in producing meat that customers can have absolute confidence in.
We believe in keeping the distance from farm to customer as short as possible.
We believe in taking a long term sustainable approach in all that we do.

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